Agency promotes forest carbon sinks for environment

No businesses have yet applied to plant forests to obtain carbon offset credits, although trading the credits on an existing platform for carbon reduction efforts would require further evaluation, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said yesterday.

The comments came in response to media reports that the Water Resources Agency had selected areas in Nantou County’s Dongpu (東埔) and Taoyuan’s Shihmen Reservoir (石門水庫) for reforestation or afforestation to serve as carbon sinks.

Carbon sinks, either natural or artificial, capture and store carbon for an unspecified period. It is a highly efficient carbon offset method that is considered a critical part of achieving net-zero emissions, along with reducing emissions.

However, the reports claimed that the credits to be awarded for planting forests are impossible to calculate, as the EPA has not proposed a system for calculating carbon credits — or permits to emit certain amounts — for creating carbon sinks.

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